Vertical Curtain Awning

/Vertical Curtain Awning

With a gelatin & awning fabric of your choice!

The Vertical Curtain Awning can provide high protection in the case of very strong wind and heavy rain. At the company Nikolaou Andreas, in Rhodes, we guarantee the high manufacturing quality of this type of awning. Vertical awnings are usually made of gelatin. However, gelatin is not always used, as they can be made half of gelatin and half of the awning fabric of your choice. Vertical Rido-type awnings are used to close vertically a part of a balcony, protecting it from rain and wind. These awning are thus ideal for the corners of your balcony, for example, as they remain stretched downwards! We have a wide variety of colors in the fabrics that can be fitted to all Rido-type awnings. Remember that the choice of windproof gelatin for your vertical awning does not obstruct the view and does not reduce the light of a space!

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