Cassette – Rido

/Cassette – Rido

Efficient coverage of every outdoor space!

The CASSETTE– RIDO shading system is an innovatively designed vertical aluminum system, with gelatin-cloth or a cloth made of another material, which protects from all weather conditions! It consists the ideal solution for large outdoor spaces or for dining and recreational areas.


  • It is a highly functional vertical shading system.
    • It includes a cassette where the fabric is folded, and side guides with brushes, so that the cloth can easily roll.
    • It provides complete insulation from weather conditions.
    • It is manually or electrically operated.
    • There is the option of electrostatic painting in the colors of your choice.

We are waiting for you at the company Nikolaou Andreas in Rhodes, to choose together the vertical CASSETTE-RIDO shading system that meets the needs of your space.

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